We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back time and again.

Welcome to 

South Tahoe's

 original noodle house!


Here's the lowdown. A couple long time locals &

die hard snowboarders got hungry. The usual wasn't doing it and they felt a need for more. Craving Asian style noodles like Ramen,

Pho', Udon and more, they decided to open 

Lake Tahoe's original noodle house,  Yama Noodles. They wanted to not only share their cravings with others but also bring these 

styles of dishes and flavors closer to the paradise they call home. Using the freshest ingredients, fusing flavors and styles from all over Asia,

they created this one of a kind eatery.

Because they wanted to fill you up, they added generous portions of proteins and other quality ingredients to their dishes that you might not find in a more traditional type noodle houses

So eat up, enjoy, maybe even slurp (loudly of course), and come back for more!



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